Swiss Cellular White Whitening Lotion


  • Swiss Cellular White Whitening Lotion
Gentle Whitening Toner
250 ml / 8.4 fl. oz.

For the porcelain-like finish you crave comes an exceptional whitening lotion. It is the first step in the Swiss Cellular White Collection. Formulated with a skin whitening complex and containing vitamin C and liquorice, it is refreshing yet potent. The lotion enhances absorption and complements the action of other treatment products to reduce discolouration. Balance your skin and create a brighter, more even appearance. You’ll see a flawless complexion.


brightens, whitens and lightens the skin, helping to eliminate discolouration and age spots creates a moisture binding film on the skin neutralises damaging ozone molecules on the skin


After cleansing, sweep over face, neck and décolleté with a cotton pad. Avoid eye area. For best control of discolouration, follow with Swiss Whitening Skin Preparing Conditioner, Swiss Cellular White Triple Action Concentrated Essence and a La Prairie moisturiser and/or foundation with sunscreen to protect skin from further discolouration.


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